Managing pain with Rolfing® SI.


Rolfing® can resolve pain and discomfort including the lingering effects of accidents, illnesses, trauma, repetitive motion injuries, surgery and aging.


However, first it is important to understand the nature of your pain. Acute pain only last a moment; rarely does it become chronic pain. Chronic pain persists over longer periods, and is generally resistant to traditional medical treatments thus, causing severe problems for those that are afflicted by it.


Rolfing’s ability to effect sustainable and lasting change in many chronic pain situations, makes it a valuable tool for pain management & overall health care.



Why does Rolfing® SI make a difference?


Start by contacting me by phone or email.  Once you have done so, I will typically schedule a phone call or initial consultation to discuss your needs and objectives, and to share how Rolfing® SI can help you.  At that time, I will propose a series of 3 or more sessions, usually lasting 60 to 90 minutes, and spaced 1 to 3 weeks apart.  The initial consultation is free.


A traditional Rolfing® series involves 10 sessions, each unique and building upon the results of previous ones.  The Ten-Series is a systematic process, designed by Dr. Rolf, to balance and optimize both structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body.  The cumulative effect of the Ten Series is a comprehensive exploration reawakening and revitalizing the entire body.


Originally designed as a teaching tool, to transfer knowledge to new students, the Ten-Series proved extremely effective as a clinical process and quickly became the standard practice.  Through the years, as new experience and knowledge has surfaced, they have been incorporated into this framework, which remains today the foundation of all Structural Integration practices.


Each session includes posture and body observations, hands-on manipulation, and movement education that will enhance awareness and transfer this awareness into the activities of everyday life. Explorations in breathing, sitting, standing and walking often bring about new insights, leading the client to greater body perception and creating an opening for relief from restrictive body patterns and pain. Most importantly, the Rolfing process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form.







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One of Dr. Rolf's greatest contributions to the field of bodywork was the discovery of how gravity influences human vitality and well-being...





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“If you can imagine how it feels to live in a fluid, light, balanced body; free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earth's gravitational field; then
you will understand Rolfing.”

Dr. Ida P. Rolf, PH.D., Founder,

The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.

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