Rolfing® Benefits

“Strength that has effort in it is not what you need, you need the strength that is the result of ease.”

Dr. Ida P. Rolf, PH.D., Founder, Rolfing® Structural Integration

Who can benefit from Rolfing® SI?

Everyone’s body has some degree of disorder and compensation in its structure.  Already from an early age, injuries and repetitive movement patterns set in motion changes.  These changes often compromise posture, balance and agility, introducing tension and strain that over a lifetime can result in early aging, lack of vitality and even chronic pain.

One benefit of Rolfing® is freeing the body of physical discomforts.  By bringing the body into a more natural alignment, the body rediscovers a more native form – at ease with itself, at balance with gravity.  The possibilities this creates are unique and individual.

Rolfing® SI can help:

  • People of all ages with histories of pain and discomfort including those related to the lingering effects of accidents, illnesses, surgery and trauma.

  • Workers engaged in physically demanding jobs, or exposed to repetitive motion or unilateral strain in the workplace.

  • Individuals seeking relief from chronic physical ailments associated with aging, and anyone hoping to rediscover freedom and ease of movement.

  • Athletes, dancers, actors, musicians, yoga / martial arts practitioners or anyone wishing to improve their body awareness and physical performance

  • People who have tried traditional medical treatments or exercise therapies with only limited success.

For other individuals, Rolfing® can serve as an educational resource enabling a more intimate and comfortable relationship with their physical bodies.  Often, as the body transforms physically, it transforms in other ways as well, having dramatic effects on seemingly unrelated areas.  The genius in Rolfing® is that it can affect so many people, so many ways, and continue to reveal new possibilities.