Rolfing® & Dentistry

Many Dentists simply accept their workplace injuries and pain as another aspect of the job; yet, most injuries can be prevented.  Frequently health specialists state that musculoskeletal injuries can never be fully remedied once they occur, however there is evidence to the contrary (see Dental Testimonials).

The most common injuries within the dental profession involve not only the musculoskeletal system, but also fascia and neural elements, as well.  It is within the fascia and neural systems where restrictions, irritation and inflammation most often manifest, often this is where pain is triggered.

While good posture is desirable at work, more often the practitioner’s body is in poor alignment with the forces placed upon it. Leaning sideways with uneven weight distribution through the feet, flexed and rotated spines, elevated arm positions held static over time, are all elements in the emergence of neck, shoulder and back pain.

As off-balance posture and movement patterns are reinforced hour-after-hour, day-upon-day, strain, then injury and pain, are the outcome. Ergonomics are a starting place, but if you cannot adapt because of your body’s structural restrictions, the money spent on new equipment is mostly underutilized. Enhanced ergonomics will not address a stiff body, the body must have the flexibility to adapt to the new equipment, and relearn how to move.

Rolfing® SI is a process involving direct manipulation of fascial tissue and nerves, plus movement education through guided touch. It’s goal is to restore good posture and flexibility, and then re-educate habitual movement patterns. Rolfing® has provided a solution for many individuals in your profession. Most importantly, can it help you?

Professional Appointments

As a practicing professional I respect the value of your time.  Appointments are available at your convenience: weekdays and selected weekends, in your practice or alternately in my office. For appointments at your location, a per hour travel fee is assessed which covers my costs to come to you. The travel fee is €60 per hour.

Sessions vary between 60 and 75 minutes depending on the work and person involved; and typically 3 to 10 sessions are scheduled.  The session fee is €95 per session.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or will be invoiced including travel if it applies.  Where possible, a two day cancellation notice is appreciated when traveling to your location.

Payment is due prior to each session unless other arrangements have been made. Payment by bank transfer can be arranged.
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“Rolfing® SI is bodywork that makes the body work.”