Rolfing® SI & Dentistry – Common Ground

Dentists and Rolfers™ are working together to improve the healthcare of their clients.  Below are a number of articles outlining work on common ground…

>>   Article by P. Schwind, Advanced Certified Rolfer & Dr. S. Schmidinger, DDS on a multi-disciplinary view of the TMJ.  This article is aimed at providing Rolfers™ with some of the diagnostic tools used by Dentists, and offer Dentists insight into the structural perspective used by Rolfing® and the potential of its subtle and indirect manipulation techniques in and around the TM Joint capsule.

The Temporo-Mandibular Joint in the Combined view of a Dentist and a Rolfer.

>>   The following are articles by Rolfers™ touching on Structural Integration work in and around the mouth and cranium.  The articles offer a Rolfers™ perspective that might provide new thoughts and insights for the Dental professional.

Cox:  Rolfing® and TMJ Dysfunction

Cox:  Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction

Schwind & Sommer:  The Temporo-Mandibular Joint

Schwind:  The Maxillae as the Inner Bridge between Neuro- & Viscero-cranium

Schield:  Dentistry and Rolfing®


“Rolfing® SI is bodywork that makes the body work.”