My Philosophy

Life has taught me that a natural approach to addressing health problems, focusing on the entire person – not just the illness – and emphasizing prevention plus lifestyle education, are the cornerstones of true wellness and vitality.

All of my Rolfing® SI work is centered on the following core principles:

  • Foremost Do No Harm
  • Belief in the natural Healing of Nature and the Human Body
  • Find the Cause, don’t Fix the Symptom
  • Practitioner as Health Partner & Teacher
  • Treat the Person not the Part
  • Emphasize Preventive Care
  • Develop and Sustain Life-Long “Best Health” Practices

In my relationship with each client I make every effort to integrate my life experience as a consultant, executive advisor/coach and health practitioner, thus there are key elements I bring into my work with others:

  • Every Client is Unique & the Center of my Attention
  • Open & Active Listening
  • No Judgement
  • Being Present in Each Moment
  • Hearing, Feeling & Receiving what is Not Said
  • Developing Empathy & Resonance with Every Individual
  • Intuition-based Inquiry
  • Creating & Maintaning a Therapeutic Relationship
  • Monitoring the Healing Process
  • Natural & Complete Closure

Our common goal is to help you discover your body’s innate healing abilities and intelligence, to explore new possibilities for awareness, movement, health & well-being; ultimately, to empower you to create and maintain wellness in your own body not just today, but for the rest of your life.

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