An interesting article from about Rolfing® and why should you do it:

“Do you have clients with muscle pain, bad posture or limited flexibility?
Then Rolfing®, a method of structural integration, could help. Just don’t call it massage (…)

Why should you do it?
Although like all things the results from Rolfing® will vary from client to client, a few benefits include reduced pain, increased flexibility, an enhanced sense of body awareness, and imp roved posture. It can be particularly good for athletes, dancers and musicians but, as Dr Rolf believed that all bodies have a degree of disorder in their structures, anyone can benefit from Rolfing®. Clients experiencing the long-term effects of old injuries may also get some relief…” read all here

Date: March 15 2016
Author: Ruth Cooper
Article: original article here

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Last Modified: February 12, 2017